What is Oshún?

The multifunctional micro-business restaurant Oshún is the main economic engine of 4 Esquinas. Its purpose is to train and generate employment mainly for women entrepreneurs, housewives, victims of the conflict and to support the corner of Yemayá, the childcare facility. The Oshún restaurant seeks to differentiate itself based on the people in charge, the quality of the typical foods of the Pacific coast, and cultural shows performed by the young people of Baobab - Casa de Artes. It provides education for mothers on topics such as the cuisine of the Pacific, collective entrepreneurship, the sustainability of micro-businesses, and provides psychosocial support. (Based on the text by Juan Paola Palacios Ramírez and Nelson Robledo Bejarano, 2020)


What is Yemayá?

Yemayá is considered the heart of the project 4 Esquinas. Culturally, women are generally located in pre-established roles in the family structure and hardly have time to enter the workforce or, when they enter, their hours of availability are limited. Yemayá was conceived as a community nursery where the women who work in Oshún can leave their children in a safe and professional place while they can generate income or pursue academic studies. The women will receive professional training that will be adapted to the laws and regulations regarding this work. Yemayá is supported by income from other corners.


What is Baobab?

Baobab - ‘ the house of arts’ - is a key component for the youth of the city. It is a place where young people can generate cultural activities and be trained in cultural and community management. In Baobab, cultural and artistic events and shows are designed and carried out by young people. Traditional and urban dances, music (instrumental and vocal), plays and sculptures are developed. To sustain the project and the corner of Yemayá, activities will be carried out in the Oshún restaurant and other public and private spaces, with dance groups, music, theater and an arts gallery for Chocoan visual artists. (Based on the text by Silvia Nequeta Valencia and Davinson Mena Panesso, 2020)


What is Amón?

Amón is a transversal project that aims to integrate street dwellers into roles within 4 Esquinas that generate self-esteem and sustainability. Unemployment is not limited to women in Quibdó. Every year, the number of street dwellers and homeless people increases, and the aim of the Amón corner is to integrate them into the other corners. To achieve this objective, it is important to work hand in hand with organizations and institutions that have experience in this area to understand the needs of these people and their individual situations, so that they can reintegrate into the labor market. (Based on the text by Lenys Yulieth Vargas Carrasco, 2020)