The 3 R’s of

1) We carried out creative activities to get to know each other and the territory
2) We imagined different scenarios and contexts to identify tensions and invisible barriers within and between neighbourhoods
3) We developed a performance at the Carnival of Peace, drawing on music, arts and dance that celebrated peace.
4) The carnival performance was drawing on instruments and costumes created from reusable materials

¿What is the

This project focuses on Quibdó, the capital of Chocó in the Colombian Pacific: a remote area disproportionately affected by armed conflict and home to mainly Afrocolombian and indigenous populations. The project has emerged from a longstanding partnership between the University of Edinburgh, Universidad Claretiana, Fundacion Casa Tres Patios and Mr Klaje. It brought together young people, researchers from Colombia ...

4 Corners

Chocó is one of the regions in Colombia that are most affected by difficulties in accessing education, poverty, crime and violence. The ‘4 Corners’ project is a community project conceived by a group of young people from this area, with the aim to address the economic precariousness experienced by many families. The project considers the dynamics within families, and seeks to address the needs and interests of each member by involving them in each of the components (or ‘corners’) to generate economic, recreational, cultural and collaborative activities within each family and community. The vision of ‘4 Esquinas’ revolves around symbols of Afrocolombian spiritual heritage and tradition. Central to ‘4 Esquinas’ is Yemayá and each of the other corners generates income to support that project. The project hopes to create a network of mutual support, repair the social fabric and provide economic opportunities for families in this territory.